The Swinging Rabbit

According to the Ojibwe, an indigenous people of the Great Lakes area, a Great Rabbit known as Mishaabooz was co-creator of the world. Mishaabooz served the Ojibwe as a symbol of fruitfulness and renewal, a force that created a world in which further creativity came from humans themselves rather divine intervention. The Great Rabbit was a symbol of that creativity, making the swinging rabbit in the photo below a useful symbol for a blog that celebrates the creativity required of anyone with a passion the humanities. The rabbit's smile will be the inspiration for everything posted on this site.

History teachers often use the acronym "PERSIA" to categorize historical information as political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, or artistic. History obviously contains more themes than those six, but PERSIA provides teachers a useful tool for helping students understand how the study of history involves an examination of a variety of topics.

This blog will look a little like a PERSIA assignment and include content that can be categorized under several different topics. Visitors to the site might find something about Billy the Kid one day and Johann Sebastian Bach the next. The blog will also include information about teaching in the humanities. Above all, the followers of this blog will read a lot about music history, a subject that should keep all of us smiling like the rabbit that gives this blog its name.

Peace and blessings to all.

Swinging Rabbit Photo © 2012 Mark Smith

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